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Really Bellaire McDonalds

So, this really happened this afternoon.. A friend of mines wife was going to Bellaire McDonalds, just to get some fries..  the line at the drive through went completely around the building.  They decided to just go inside and get them.. When the got to the door, it said the lobby was closed…   in the middle of the afternoon lunch rush. Why was it closed you ask….   Not enough employees to run the lobby and counter…  Here is a town in the Ohio Valley, with a higher then most unemployment rate.. And here is a business that cant get employees..  I think this is cause by 1 of 2 things, or probably both:


  1. the lazy, good for nothing citizens of bellaire do not want to work.. why work when the government is handing you everything free..  stay home in the projects, pop out more kids…  Keep on fucking, we will pay you more!!
  2. the management at mcdonalds must be giant pieces of shit..  either mean or lazy or both… if you have happy employees, then the store should run smooth..  shitty management, no good employees…

Something needs done about this place ASAP!!



Okay citizens are Bellaire it’s your favorite weekly holiday. Walk-in Wednesday at Domino’s. You get a delicious well-crafted medium one-topping pizza for $3.99. so go ahead and scrape your change out of your couches, steal from your kids piggy banks. Sell some drugs in front of Circle K, turn a trick or two on Franklin Street, rob or mug somebody on Guernsey Street, Swindle an old lady at the Shepherd or Carne’s Apartments, rob gas station or fast food store.. do what you need to do to help everybody in this town celebrate this very special day.